EMD SD45-2


Kit bashed from USA Trains' SD40-2 and Aristo-Craft's SD45

Have some extra parts laying around, so this is in the planning stages, but would be nice to have!


CR Specifics


EMD SD45-2


68 feet & 2 inches


392,000 pounds

Tractive Effort

83,000 pounds

Prime Mover

20 cylinders

Horse Power

3,600 hp

Fuel Tank

5,000 gallons


Conrail acquired 13 SD45-2 locos from Erie Lackawanna.


Uses the HT-C trucks which come with USA Trains SD40-2 loco.


The EL units had low profile fans, most of which were replace by CR with standard fans.


The chain hand brake will be used.


Plows, Sinclair antenna, and a cab signal box also need to be added.