SD60M with Sound



Believe it or not, the Atlas SD60M pictured below contains a Soundtraxx chip, decoder, and two 5/8th inch speakers, while maintaining its full power drive mechanism.

Full Side Profile:

Here you can bearly notice that the DSX chip is located in the fuel tank.  You can also see the sides of the two speakers inbetween the trucks and the fuel tank.  Also the capacitor required is located in the rear of the loco (left side of photo).

Front Side Profile:

Here you can see more closely the cut out for the 5/8th inch speaker.  This version also has a spring mechanism to pick up power from the truck sides to the frame halves.

Rear Side Profile:

You can again see the cut out for the second speaker and a closer look at how the DSX chip fits under the more and in the fuel tank area.  Wiring goes up to connect to the speakers and the capacitor.

Underframe Profile:

Here you see a birds eye view of the bottom of the unit for placement of speakers and DXS chip.  You can also see that the power leads of the sound chip are connected to the frame directly to the right of the chip.

Items Needed:

-Atlas SD60M (or SD60 or SD50)

-Soundtraxx DSX

-Decoder (a few can be chosen)



Further Plans:

-Use 1/2 inch speakers for better volume.  This will require cutting the shell of the loco.

-Possibly add a third speaker in the cab.

-Hardwire all chips together from truck pick up, to decoders, to motor for better reliability.