AZL PA1 Pickups



Electrical Pickup Enhancements

Wheels to Trucks

Trucks to Frame


Wheels to Trucks

I had some PA1 performance issues that I tracked down to being electrical continuity issues through its electrical pick up mechanism, so I developed a method to enhance its pickups by adding EZ10 wheel wiper contacts from Richmond Controls.  More to come...

Truck Wipers:

The wipers will be bent such that they press inwards on the outsides of the wheel.  The clips that hold the truck side frames on will also hold the wipers in place.



Has minimal pickup points.

After gaining better pickup from the wheels to the trucks, there still exists a bottle neck from the truck halves to the frame halves.  There are only 2 small points that make contact that are not at all flexible.  I think the safest bet is to solder a wider directly from the truck halves to either the frame halves or directly to the decoder.  More to Come...

Initial Drilling:

Drilling will be required to run the wire and allow it to still be flexible when the truck turns, but not interfere with any other moving parts .