Z Scale 89' Enclosed Autorack


Scratch Built:

89' Enclosed Autorack


89' Enclosed Autorack

Well, I bought the MicroMark photo etching kit, and I decided to try making an 89' enclosed autorack as the first piece to experiment with.  I'm currently using .005" think brass sheets, but plan on using stainless steel sheets, as the bulk of the car is this exposed steel color anyway.


Here's a test rendition of the artwork.

Photoresist 1:

Here is what the photoresist looks like on the brass.

Test 1:

Here are two test photo etched pieces in brass. 

Test 2:

Close up of the etched brass.  I still need to master the whole photo etching process!

Size Comparison:

Here's a size comparison with a ConCor N scale autorack. I don't have the appropriate bending tools and jigs, so this is the best I can do for now.

Size Comparison:

Here's a size comparison of the cars.  Start from back to front; O, HO, N and Z scales.

Second Bend:

Side view.  The autorack shell is mounted on an Alan Curtis 89' smooth side flat.

Second Bend:

A little closer up.